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You’re in a motel room

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I hate to sound like a snob, but if I’m in a M-O-T-E-L room I’m wondering what dire straits I’ve come to in life to not be able to afford at least a 3-star hotel.  Hey, a girls gotta have standards and 3-stars is the minimum.  But seriously…

In January of each year I normally go on a spiritual retreat in order to reflect on the past year.  I spend time reviewing goals that were and were not accomplished.  Wondering prayerfully what adjustments need to be made.  I also pray for guidance for the coming year and receive direction spiritually.  However, I haven’t done this in the past few years.  Since my mother’s passing to be exact and I’m not sure why.  I considered a brief retreat at the beginning of the month but immediately dismissed it.  The desire simply wasn’t there.

The nice thing about being alive is this.  There are always second chances in life.  It’s only the middle of the month of a brand-new year and I still have time to get these things done if I choose to do so.  Enjoy using this prompt.  Til next time…

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