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Write About Sunday Afternoon

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Sunday afternoons for me are a time of transition from church services.  I have a fondness for British drama on PBS Masterpiece.  After working in a library system all my adult life I can’t help but give in to the guilty pleasure literature often brings.  And besides it’s nice to enjoy something on television that isn’t filled with sex and violence. 

Currently I’m watching Victoria on Masterpiece.  Reruns of the previous season have allowed me to catch up until the series premier next week.  I’ve already devoured Poldark this past fall and can’t wait to see what George has in store for Ross.  I’m glad he’s a fictional character because I’ve wished him dead numerous times.  Finally, what PBS binge watch is not complete without Downton Abbey?  Those episodes got me through the Christmas season, and I can’t wait for the movie to come out later this year. Today, however, I came home to find a two-hour medical documentary on.  Not to worry because season five of “When Calls the Heart” is now on Netflix.  I finally get to see those two lovebirds get married.  I am not without my guilty pleasures but neither one is air aired on Sundays.  What do your Sunday afternoons normally consist of?  Football, laundry, meal prep?  I’d love to hear from you and please use this journal prompt begin a new year of journal writing.  Enjoy!

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