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Write About Acceptable Losses

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I cannot believe how challenging it is to write from a place of sincerity and truth when a topic is given to you rather than free-writing.  It takes time, thought and effort to do so but I am enjoying the process of using these journal prompts.  Having said that…

When I think of “acceptable losses” relationships come to mind.  Letting go of friendships that are no longer part of my path.  Acquaintances that have become toxic are free to be released.   Healed from love relationships that were too painful to remain with.  Not all losses are bad and in truth can be quite beneficial if we endure the journey.  Losing weight as you work toward your goals is quite acceptable.   Having lost your title as a writer and becoming an author is another loss that is acceptable.   If you are on this path (and even if you’re not) allow this prompt to guide you.  Where ever you find yourself in life remember to enjoy the journey.

Source: A Writer’s book of days

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