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Write about a used car

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My dream car is a 1968 Ford Mustang Convertible.  Preferably candy apple red but I’ll settle for any color available if given the option.  I have no idea when or how this idea formulated into my mind, but it’s been there for quite some time.  Seeing Mandisa driving one in her music video “overcomer” didn’t help matters either.  I love that car and everything about it.  It’s sporty, classy yet care free.  It screams “road trip” at the first opportunity and yet I’ve never sat nor driven one. 

The idea of owning one is far-fetched.  I’m not mechanical and the thought of getting my hands dirty with engine grease is unimaginable.   I’m simply not that kind of girl and yet I think this car is the coolest thing ever.  I don’t know what the price tag is for a classic vehicle of this magnitude nor do I have an inclination of finding out.  My solution is to merely gaze at it in awe if I’m at a car show along with the other onlookers.

If I ever did become the lucky recipient of such wonderful craftsmanship, I think I’d take a drive along the pacific coast highway.  What could be more liberating than a drive along highway one?  Well, maybe a stop at the beach to take in the view.  Enjoy the prompt.

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