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Write about a time someone said no

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As I read this prompt, I can’t help but think of a promotion I applied for and didn’t receive.  Or of the numerous times I came up with different ministry ideas that were never approved at a church I used to attend.  However, neither of those outcomes stopped me from pursuing bigger and better things.  My relationship with God is no different.  There are times when I REALLY want something, and I’ll sense in my spirit that He is not leading me in that direction.  For example, in 2007 after a friend/neighbor upgraded to a bigger house in a better neighborhood I wanted to do likewise.  In fact, there was a house for sale nearby and we could continue to be neighbors.  However, during my devotional times I continually felt a “no” coming from the Lord.  I proceeded to pout and whine about not being able to get anything I wanted in life.  Sound familiar? 

I decided that God knew best and didn’t pursue a new home purchase.  Imagine my astonishment when the economy collapsed less than a year later.  My whining became gratitude that I was spared the hardship so many others endured.  To this day I am grateful for Gods guidance.  There are times when hearing “no” is difficult to digest, but it doesn’t always mean a negative outcome.  Is there a time when someone told you no?  What was the outcome and how did you respond?  Use this journal prompt to guide you.  Til next time…

Source: A Writer’s book of days

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