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Wounded while serving? Begin your healing journey

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One of the joys for women of faith is being able to serve God in ministry.  Sharing our faith with little ones, young adults and those in between can be life-changing.  Witnessing the lives of those we’ve had the privilege to teach improve, because of small and consistent contributions increases our faith like nothing else. 

As women serving in a leadership capacity challenges are to be expected.   We are viewed as the weaker sex and depending on the beliefs you subscribe to so is our ability to lead.  Throw in marriage or the lack thereof and other problems can ensue.  For me it was the latter.  As a woman who is neither a wife nor mother the opportunities, I was presented with were limited.  My qualifications were viewed as inadequate.  This despite the fact I’d been called to preach the gospel. 

My passion for ministry waned with the passing of time.  The stifling of my spiritual gifts caused me to become complacent and withdrawn.  Not all of us want to leave after the benediction is prayed and church is dismissed.  The opportunity to be part of something greater than ourselves is an exciting prospect. 

So…  What happens with the joy of ministry becomes one of anguish?  When the ugliness of humanity and the fleshly nature of others comes against us?  How do we bounce back, heal and move forward?  Allow me to share a few tips from my own experience as a minister.

  • Devotional TimeActs 3:20 tells us that times of refreshing comes from the presence of the Lord.  Allow God to heal you from those wounds his other children may have caused.  Let him provide a fresh perspective on all that has happened. 
  • Honest Assessment of Self – Our perspective is tainted to put it mildly.  Self-preservation will always play a part in how events are replayed in our minds.  However, we are reminded in Psalm 139:23-24 that God alone searches our hearts.   Ask yourself if things could have been handled differently?  If so, how can it be rectified?  Humility is an important aspect of leadership.
  • Journal Writing – Expressing our emotions in a safe place without causing harm to the body of Christ is of the utmost importance.  By not expressing our outrage on social media platforms or gossiping about what has transpired we rise above the level of mediocrity to display leadership.  Write a journal entry to your “audience of one” and tell him how the pain of being wounded in church made you feel.  Pour your heart out to him and write out a prayer for help or guidance.

As women leaders we must take the time to heal from wounds that have been inflicted upon us.  Doing so enables us to love ourselves, families and others with the love of Christ.    

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