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Why Journal Writing?

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Why journal writing?  It’s a good question that deserves an answer.  If you’re reading this post it’s quite possible that you’ve at least considered taking up the practice.  And if you already have begun journaling you may be looking for ways to switch things up a bit and try something new.  Either way, I’m glad you’re here.  For starters, journal writing is a wonderful way to gather your thoughts.  By seeing on paper what’s been swirling around in your mind for a while it enables you to work through the issue.  This could be something as simple as planning a goal or a trip.  Maybe it’s more complex and writing in your journal enables you to realize that you’re going to need help.  Launching a business, contemplating retirement or both has caused you to see the need to speak with a financial advisor or at least get out of debt.  Your new found side hustle has caused you to see the need to locate a mentor in order to get things moving.  All from simply writing things out in your journal.  And the wonderful news?  It will all be in the exact same place when you need to return and review your thoughts and ideas.  That’s the benefit of keeping a journal.  But it goes deeper.

Maybe you’ve struggled with an emotional problem and don’t know how to ask for help.  Grabbing a pen and paper could be your first steps in locating some much-needed assistance. For example, you’ve been in a string of bad relationships and don’t know why.   Why do you choose the same type of partner or friend?  The practice of writing down your feelings can begin to provide you with the much-needed resolve to seek lasting change.

Also, journaling is a good place to express gratitude.   Maybe not on a daily basis, but often enough to allow yourself to see that there is good in your life and that it’s not all bad.  Your parents weren’t ALWAYS crazy.  Gratitude moments provide a beautiful ray of hope in the midst of despair.  Allowing the writer to see clearly and the fog to lift.  Finally, journal writing is a beautiful place for reflection.  When you see that you’re complaining about the same problems a few months or even years down the road it’s enough motivation to get moving out of that rut you didn’t know you were in.

Journal writing for me has always been a safe place to heal and I know it can be for you as well.  Join me as we take this journey called life together.  One page at a time.

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