Why are you striving?

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Has something ever resonated with you to such a degree that you couldn’t move away from it?  A sermon perhaps, maybe a song or scripture to which you couldn’t focus on anything else.  Lately, it’s been Tasha Cobbs Leonard “this is a move.”  That song has been on my mind for days.     

The same thing has occurred in my daily time with God.  While reading day 31 of Shanna Noel’s “100 days of less hustle, more Jesus” I found myself stuck on one phrase that the Lord had admonished me about.  “Stop striving!”  I wrote it on the pages of my devotional journal, shared it on Instagram and even meditated on it for a while.  Now I find myself doing a study on the word STRIVING ten days after that devotional time.  I’m stuck, unable to move and wondering what the Lord is saying to me.  I’ve tried unsuccessfully to move on once or twice and yet that word STRIVING remains.

One thing that was revealed to me is the constant worrying about what to do with the next phase of my life after retiring.  I found that I was neglecting to enjoy the journey.  No vacation or weekend trips just me worrying about what to for the rest of my life. 

What are YOU striving after?

According to google the word striving means “to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.”  After launching a blog, a year ago, I have come to realize just how challenging it can be.  Finding your niche, tailoring it to fit your target audience, writing relevant content and protecting your ideas on a regular basis can seem daunting.  Not to mention learning the marketing curve.  Social media is daunting. 

Maybe, it’s something other than blogging or maintaining a website.  Completing a degree that’s haunted you for decades seems out of reach.  Maybe it’s eating healthier and all that it entails.  Meal planning and prepping on a Sunday afternoon with a higher grocery bill in hand.  All of which only contribute to the financial worries you’ve already had.

My primary reason for launching a blog wasn’t due to entrepreneurial endeavors.  As a freelance writer, I needed to create a writer’s platform.  A place to begin my writing and freelance journey.  As it is in so many cases reading the suggestion on the page was much simpler than implementation. 

Coming up with new ideas has been a challenge.  My time with God has become an almost daily necessity as I find Him to be a wellspring of fresh and new ideas.  This untapped resource we call Abba has gone unnoticed by so many of God’s people. 

Why are YOU striving?

Our ability to thrive is not something that can be limited to a lack of financial means.  For some, it’s a negative attitude or bad work ethic.  Colossians 3:23 tells us “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”  We want God to be glorified in our lives whether it be standing in front of a congregation or sweeping floors.  We do so for His namesake.

Just be…

While writing this article I received an email that I’d been waiting on.  It was good news and served to confirm that my worrying and anxiety had been for nothing.   The energy I had expended revealed my lack of trust in the great “I AM.”  The one I’d entrusted my life to was big enough to handle the circumstances in my daily life. 

“Cease striving and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10a NASB.

That word “cease” means to “bring or come to an end.” i.e. STOP.  To put it plainly just be and let it happen.  Allow God to be the I AM in your life and stop trying to make it happen on your own.  Aren’t you tired?  I know I am.

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