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What woman in the bible do you most admire?

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Yesterday I read an article from entitled “why we need single women leaders.”  And while the target is geared toward millennial’s I couldn’t help but recall my own experience as an unmarried woman who has served in a leadership role.  Hidden in the pages of Luke 2:36-38 is a woman by the name of Anna.  After her husband died, she dedicated the rest of her days to serving God in the temple.  The bible says that she “never left…”  Her efforts rewarded with the provision of living quarters.  This is Jehovah Jireh at his best. 

                I admire her for her commitment to the gospel.  Living out her life’s purpose despite what life has thrown her way.  Are you facing challenges in your life that prevent you from serving God?  Gain inspiration from the women who have already overcome and use this prompt to guide you.

What woman in the bible do you most admire?  I would love to hear from you.

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