What are you believing in 2020?

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Have you set your goals and intentions for 2020?  Do you have affirmations revised and ready for the year ahead?  I spent the latter part of 2019 praying and setting goals for the coming year.  I also purchased a new set of planners complete with matching stickers.  I needed the added inspiration.  I bought a wellness planner for my health goals, a writing planner for all things related and finally a planner for everyday life.  I’ll use it for appointments, errands and reminders of TV shows I like to watch.  My wellness planner has space to set my intentions for the year, month and week. The more I read about setting intentions the more I understood how important it is to believe in the goals I set for myself.

As unmarried, women of faith over the age of forty our hopes and dreams may include the desire for a godly marriage.  The question I’ve come to ask myself is “do I believe it’s going to happen or am I merely hoping it does?”  What’s the difference and why does it matter?  I’ve come to realize that hoping for marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that I believe it will occur.  Truthfully, I’ve come to see that my actions will reveal just how much I do believe it. 

The scripture tells us in James 2:26 that “faith without works is dead.”  I’ve begun to ask myself “does your appearance speak of one who has faith or not?”  What about other goals you and I have for ourselves?  We are after all much more than our marital status.

Do you have a goal of eliminating credit card debt?  Ask yourself “do I believe this is possible?”  I did and after setting a goal to retire after thirty years on the job I achieved it ahead of schedule.  This goal had nothing to do with the F.I.R.E. movement that’s currently all the rage.  An acronym which means Financial Independence, Retire Early.  I simply wanted to serve God with my life.

Do you have a goal to lose weight?  Ask yourself “why do I continually sabotage myself?”  Is it fear and anxiety that your hopes and dreams won’t come true?  Or are you afraid that it will happen and not adequately prepared to handle it?

What do you believe for your life?  Do you believe you deserve better?  Do you believe it can happen this year?   I encourage you to find a bible verse for each goal, intention, and affirmation you’ve set.  Pray and ask God to help your unbelief (Mark 9:24c) if this is an area of struggle for you.  Purpose to strengthen your quiet time with God so that your mind can stay renewed.  Here’s to better days ahead for each of us.

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  • Lily

    I found this so encouraging as I start my next semester at grad school and the classes seem daunting. I pray and want to have faith that God will give me a successful semester!

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