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The Epica Reveal: Unboxing an Experience

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This is a sponsored post for epica journals.

I have twenty plus years of journal writing experience all of which has been for my personal use.  I fully understand the value of journaling and launched this blog as a desire to communicate this value to others.  I’ve experienced the benefit of having good mental health that comes from journal writing.  The opportunity to unload frustrations in a safe place for my eyes only and I’ve done so in a variety of ways.

Safely in the confines of multi-colored, blank books, notebooks and even one from O magazine given in conjunction with Revlon from many years ago.  I’ve learned the value of portability after having purchased a large journal which was more fit for artistic use and required a backpack to carry around.

Journal writing is an art form that benefits from better quality journals as the years of the writer progress.  The habit having been established gives way to more refined pages to write upon as well as the writing instrument they will use.  A few Christmas’s ago I took the leap, asked for and received a forty-dollar journal from my sister.  Brown leather with matched stitching and a gold lock on the cover I couldn’t wait to write in it.  It was the journal of my dreams and the most expensive one I’d ever owned.  Until now…

My opinion of quality has been forever transformed after having had the pleasure of unboxing an EPICA journal.  My first impression was “wow” after carefully opening the package.  A lovely thank you note lay atop of the product.  As I delved deeper into the box I noted a “one-of-a-kind” bookmark created with hand pressed flowers and made from an old Amalfi paper mill.  Signed by the artist the edges of this bookmark matched that of the journal I’d been given.  An item this booklover thoroughly enjoyed.

I became a child in a candy shop wondering what else I would find in my new treasure trove.  My answer came in the form of a burgundy crushed velvet bag with the EPICA emblem atop and matching tassel closure.  Given for the safekeeping of my Nappa Collection prototype.  By the time I would unbox the journal itself I’d be over the moon with anticipation.  Noting that every element of this packaging held a special touch of detail which included a sample of Leather CPR for my journal.

When the time finally came for me to unwrap the handcrafted black leather journal I had to take a deep breath.  The lining of which was a suede smooth as silk along with lovely unlined fedrigoni pages.  The stitch on the binding was like nothing I’d ever seen and left me with thoughts of unlimited possibilities in journaling.  I had to remind myself of the need to document the experience and must admit that I found it difficult to stop taking pictures.  Will I ever be able to purchase a journal off the shelf again?  Probably not.

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