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Launching a business is tough.  No matter if the business is small, on a large scale or somewhere in between the challenges can be daunting.  How do you take care of yourself during this period of your life?  Late nights, early mornings, forgetting to eat and hydrate can all take a toll on the body.  Not to mention the mental faculties which are desperately needed during this developmental stage of your business.

Having a self-care plan in place from the beginning can mean the difference between thriving and struggling.  Here are a few tips:

  • Plan for a day off. During your weekly planning session, be sure to incorporate at least one day to yourself.  Allow yourself time to relax by not checking your social media feeds.  Also, limit how often you check emails as well.  Getting caught up on your sleep should be a priority and not the laundry.  Learn to schedule housekeeping and grocery shopping during your work week in order to fully enjoy your day off.
  • Make time for play. Whether it’s strolling through a farmer’s market in the early morning, visiting eclectic shops along the way or simply enjoying the fresh air.  Make time to enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship.  Don’t become so involved in planning and working that you do not have fun along the way.
  • Document your time away from the desk. Quite often during our time away from work, we learn a few things about ourselves.  Issues such as how much time you really spend on social media as opposed to creating your marketing plan.  Or how frequently procrastination becomes an issue in areas of discomfort.  Writing these things out in your journal while you’re not working can provide valuable insight.  Did you know you were avoiding that task?  Can you hire help or possibly barter services with another entrepreneur?

Taking the time to rest and refuel can be a great source of inspiration for the week ahead as well as your business journey overall.  So, grab a cup of coffee during your next planning session and schedule some time to unwind.  You deserve it.

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