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In my previous post, I encouraged you to introduce your teenager to the practice of journal writing.  I firmly believe it’s a great form of self-care for them.  It’s also a wonderful method of care for their moms.  Journal writing is a way for you to turn inward and deal with the pressures and joys in your own life.  With family obligations often paramount in the lives of women their own life struggles are frequently last.  Behind the spouse, children, aging parents, and even the family pet.

Whether you’re a new mother facing the undaunting task of caring for another human being, fearing the challenge of an empty nest or somewhere in between now would be a great time for self-reflection.  Do you want to stay home with your child, not work outside the home yet need a source of income?  Writing your ideas in a journal allows you to hash out any challenges you may receive.  Issues such as finding another mom who’s already doing what you desire to.  Can she provide mentorship?  Are your dreams resurfacing now that the children are older?  Face your fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties on paper and be ready for what lay ahead.  Don’t forget to remind yourself that you can do it!  That pat on the back you’ve always given to everyone else is now time to be reciprocated.

One way you can begin your own journal writing practice is to incorporate it into your time of meditation.  Whether your practice is Bible reading or going for a walk take five minutes and begin jotting down your thoughts and ideas.  It can be as simple as creating a list of goals you want to accomplish.  From there begin to research ways to accomplish them if you are so inclined.  Another idea is to write after a hot bath.  What can be more relaxing after a long, stressful day?  Write about the events of your day.  Reflecting on what upset you or brought you joy.

Your own journal should reflect who you are as an individual.  Take the time to discover which format works best for you.  Do you prefer digital to paper?  A regular notebook and pen or a fancy bound blank book?  The choice is yours and options limitless.  Enjoy the journey of taking time for yourself.

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