Christianity Ministry

My True Passion

My apologies for being away from the blog during the past month.  I recently moved into a new home and the time needed to have each home improvement project completed took longer than anticipated.  Thankfully, the major work is done, and I can now move on with my life.  Smaller projects await and in due time they will be completed.  Hopefully, without deterring me from writing any longer.  In returning…

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Faith Women's Leadership

Wounded while serving? Begin your healing journey

One of the joys for women of faith is being able to serve God in ministry.  Sharing our faith with little ones, young adults and those in between can be life-changing.  Witnessing the lives of those we’ve had the privilege to teach improve, because of small and consistent contributions increases our faith like nothing else.  As women serving in a leadership capacity challenges are to be expected.   We are viewed…

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