Devotional Life

The Importance of a Devotional Life

After the death of my brother and to my own surprise I found myself maintaining my quiet time with the Lord.  It was already part of my daily routine.  I knew that prior to facing the day and society I needed that time alone with him.  It wasn’t piety that placed me before the Lord, but grief.  Rather than celebrating my brother’s birthday, we were planning his funeral.  He’d sat…

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What are you believing in 2020?

Have you set your goals and intentions for 2020?  Do you have affirmations revised and ready for the year ahead?  I spent the latter part of 2019 praying and setting goals for the coming year.  I also purchased a new set of planners complete with matching stickers.  I needed the added inspiration.  I bought a wellness planner for my health goals, a writing planner for all things related and finally…

Prayer Life

Grief and the Single Mother

In 2012 my youngest brother and dearest friend was shot and killed by his neighbor over a noise dispute.  It was a few days before his birthday and the start of the holiday season.  In the days which followed, we became the family on the evening news.  Questions arose about his death and gruesome details regarding the number of gunshot wounds were made known.  Facts I’d rather not have known. …

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