Therapeutic Writing

Faith Over Fear

Over the weekend I listened to a podcast by Ed Gandia.  In it, he discusses how to overcome procrastination as a writer.  It gave me insight into my own behavior.  I’d found myself delaying the process of writing in one form or another.   Cleaning house, running errands and having a “free day” after having written nothing at all. I’d researched writing methods and routines, written down the suggested steps and…

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Journal Writing

Journal Writing to a Resolve

This morning I awakened at a time much later than usual. It caused quite a bit of distress and worry about my health. I’m not much of a late sleeper.  In fact, I pride myself on waking up early and being productive. However, since leaving my retirement I’ve enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in. Now that I aspire to write and becoming an author, I see the need to arise…

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First Draft Completed #100dayslesshustle

I’m often amazed at the outcome of something I’ve strived to accomplished and how it comes into fruition once it’s done God’s way.  Today I completed the first draft of my nonfiction book.  I’m very thankful for God’s direction.  He Led me on a path I may not have otherwise traveled. I had been telling people for quite some time that I wanted to write a book and while it…

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Journal Prompt

Close your eyes. Write about what you see

When I close my eyes, I see the life I aspire to live.  One filled with joy and challenges.  Opportunities which include a path to authorship, ministering full time and yes finding love. My dreams of becoming an author began when I first began keeping a journal nearly twenty-five years ago.  Within those pages I would describe how I aspired to be transparent like Maya Angelou in her writings. Through…

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Digital Journal

Day One Entry: Feb 25, 2019

It’s transition time. Especially where my blog and social media platforms are concerned. I found myself over the weekend completely exhausted at the thought of creating pins and content for the upcoming week. My normal routine is to create a week’s worth of content in one batch and post it on Sundays on Pinterest. I do it throughout the day for Instagram.Doing this has enabled me to learn a routine…

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