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How lovely that I had my devotional time this afternoon rather than this morning.  The NASB entitles Psalm 4 the “evening prayer of trust in God.”  I’m already excited with anticipation prior to reading…

For several days I’ve had trouble sleeping and while nothing is wrong, I’ve found myself wide awake at 4:30 am.  Yes, I prayed to see if the Spirit was leading me to go and read my bible.   However, I’m pretty sure my flesh responded with a “go back to sleep.”

When I finally got out of bed, I found myself in a frenzy.  A mere fly buzzing around kept me preoccupied.  So much that I knew spending time with the Lord before leaving home would be wasted.  I was simply unable to concentrate on anything else until that fly was safely (yes, I’m one of those) out of the house.

How nice that my daily quiet time isn’t limited to a certain time frame.  After running errands, getting caught in the rain and safely returning home I can regroup and end my day on a much more positive and peaceful note.  I hope you can too.

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