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Product Review – Classic Happy Notes

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As an avid journal writer, I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Happy Notes recently released by The Happy Planner.  A company known for all things planning, of which I’ve gleefully taken part of, has created a new line of notebooks.  There are three sizes to coincide with their disc bound system.  The Mini, Classic and Big each have three different formats to choose from.  Lined, grid and dotted paper.  I purchased the powder blue and black “life is lovely” classic bound notebook in lined paper for my personal use.  It’s the same size as my previous journal with a few less pages.  Sixty pages for the Happy Notes I bought at Joann’s Craft Store.  As opposed to one hundred pages for the notebook I bought on sale at Staples and have been using for several months.  I see having less pages as a plus for this journal writer.  As a result of writing in a notebook for any substantial amount of time I feel obligated to complete it.  No journal writer wants partially filled notebooks because it defeats the purpose.

Another plus for the classic Happy Notes is the price.  Originally listed for $9.99 Joann’s included this new product in it’s 30% off planner sale.  I only paid $6.99 plus tax. The cover is stylish and sturdy and coincides with products I’ve already purchased for my happy planner which I use on a regular basis.  The lined paper perfectly coordinates with the cover and has a decorative margin.  I was surprised that all the pages were the same color despite the three tri-colored tabs included.  An aspect I can overlook seeing that it matches the overall décor of the item.  The cover lays flat on any surface providing easy writing and folding over nicely for space concerns.  Overall, I’d say it’s a good buy and if you need something cute as motivation to start journal writing look no further.

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