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Once, when no one was looking…

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Once, when no one was looking I decided to live life on my own terms.  Taking back ownership of dreams forgotten and passions left unpursued.  I’ve decided to live my own life by retiring from a job that became a burden, providing nothing of value other than a paycheck.  I took back ownership of my self-worth by leaving a volunteer staff position that did not see how much of a gift I was to that organization.  I know my worth, I know my value and I don’t need to be in the public eye constantly to live that belief.  People who are behind the scenes ensure a smooth-running operation.  Their contribution is vital.

In 2019 I am reclaiming my own sense of style without conforming to conventional standards of how I should be.  Bohemian style is my personal fave and if anthropologie had a plus-size section I would be first in line.  Oh well, there are other places to find a cute peasant top.  Enjoy this journal prompt and be sure to share in the comments below.

Source: A Writer’s book of days

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