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I have completed seven days in my new devotional journal by Shanna Noel and I’ve yet to write inside.  In fact, I haven’t even written my name on the inside cover.  Aside from almost daily blog postings I’ve written my thoughts of a would-be journal entry on a scrap of paper.   Going so far as to tell myself that I’d rewrite it later.  A move which has yet to transpire.

 Why have I yet to begin writing in such a beautiful journal replete with scripture and enough space to write?  Because my handwriting isn’t pretty enough.   Not that I had planned on posting it any time soon.  However, when I think of bible journaling the art beautifully displayed in someone’s bible comes to mind.  My old school vibe is just that.  Old school.  Handwritten and not beautifully done and yet I continue.

Truthfully, I enjoy this new devotional path I’ve begun.  It’s something new and fresh for me and I’m glad I’ve taken up the challenge on a personal level.  Years ago, when I started writing in a journal, I told myself that I was writing to an “audience of one” and that no one either than the Lord and I would read what I’d written.  It freed me to write without restraint for years upon end. Now I must do the same with my devotional journal.  I’m not writing what’s inside to be posted merely on social media or a blog.  It’s a reflection of what I’ve learned during my quiet time.  Prayerfully inquiring of the personal application that must be made as I strive to move forward. Perfectionism has no place here.  It’s stifling ability to paralyze my progress is unwanted.  So here it is one of the pages completely handwritten, non-illustrated faith for all to see.  May God be praised.

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