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My apologies for being away from the blog during the past month.  I recently moved into a new home and the time needed to have each home improvement project completed took longer than anticipated.  Thankfully, the major work is done, and I can now move on with my life.  Smaller projects await and in due time they will be completed.  Hopefully, without deterring me from writing any longer.  In returning to the blog I want to reveal a little more about myself.  More specifically, who I am and what my calling in life is.

Who I am

Most people aren’t aware that I’m a licensed minister.  It’s not something that I often share unless it comes up in conversation and it rarely does.  I’d rather people see my character as a reflection of my relationship with God and not for ministry reasons.  I also try and accept people for who they are in hopes that they do likewise.   More often the tone of a conversation will shift to religious jargon once people are made aware of my Christian beliefs.  It’s not a turnoff, however, neither is it genuine.

I became a minister in 2007 replete with teaching bible studies, preaching sermons and hospital visits.  Not to mention outreach efforts to senior citizens and underprivileged communities.  And while I enjoyed the work of the ministry, I had to endure quite a bit of ungodly behavior in the process at the hands of other individuals.  So much so I eventually left the church I’d attended for several years. 

Despite my leaving the ministry I held on to a desire to continue my formal education.  Wanting to learn as much as I could about the subject of theology to better myself as a minister.  However, during my educational pursuits, gender bias became quite evident and very disconcerting.  The tone and language used by professors conveyed their opinions of women serving in ministry.  Already partially disheartened from my church experience I deemed returning to school not worth the expense of being discouraged to pursue my calling. 

Now… after three years I’ve had time to regroup and heal from the darts that came against me.  When you’re in the throws of warfare there’s a tendency to forget who the enemy is using and why.  My calling to preach the gospel is non-negotiable and I’m ready to return.  If nothing else as an online ministry to women of faith.  Which brings me to my next point.

Why I Blog

Every book I read on writing, becoming an author and freelancing conveys the necessity of having a platform.  A place to display your writing so that it can be seen by potential editors and publishers.  It’s also a way to create a reading audience of potential buyers once my books are published.  I have enjoyed the journey thus far with one year under my belt.  And even though this isn’t my first blog I realize there’s still much to learn.

I’ve also come to accept the role ministry plays in my blogging.  The ability to reach women of faith I wouldn’t normally have access to is quite evident.  Through various social media platforms, I’ve carved out a niche that wasn’t as clear in the past.  I’m eternally grateful. 

Having said that please know that my true passion is to go deep into the word of God.  I enjoy the process of studying line upon line, precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:10).  My other passion is journal writing and hopefully, I will be able to use both as a ministry to the body of Christ.  Teaching men and women of faith the value of delving deeper in the word of God, while journaling as an outlet for everyday life.  Because, well… “life happens.”  Please note that now I’m back and with a fresh perspective in hand.  Which is to utilize each of my passions in pursuit of fulfilling the call of God upon my life.   Til next time…

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