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Memories of Coffee with Mom

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I attribute my coffee habit to my parents.  Growing up I can remember dad drinking instant coffee each morning before driving to the Air Force Base.  I’m sure it’s the reason I became a coffee snob.  For me, Sanka was not an option!  With mom, however, it became a way of life.

My mother was quite the social butterfly (I take after my father).  She could easily strike up a conversation with a person she’d never met.  I made efforts to do this myself while shopping over the weekend, but to be honest the other woman began the conversation.  Inwardly I laughed wondering if I were finally becoming my mother’s daughter.

Each year she held an annual birthday party for herself.  Family, friends and neighbors came to expect the yearly tradition.  It became a time for us to catch up on each other’s lives.  The following morning, I would drive the short distance to her home and brew a pot of coffee.  She and I would discuss the happenings of the previous night, eat leftovers and laugh.  All while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Mom had quite the shopping habit.  After her death the family and I had to sort through three closets of clothes and shoes.  I was privy to many of these shopping excursions.  Mainly because I had to drive.  The prerequisite for many of those Saturday outings was a stop at Starbucks for a caffeine fix.  As with most coffee-heads she always ordered a venti often with an added shot of espresso if she were so inclined.  It was more than enough fuel to conquer the adventures of the day.

During the fall and winter months I would often purchase her first bottle of pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha creamer.  Always choosing the sugar free option, if available, for my diabetic mother who had a serious sweet tooth.  It was a simple gesture, but she received it gladly.  The warmer months we were privy to sugar free vanilla and caramel creamers.  The only iced coffee she would consider was a Caramel Frappuccino.  Never one for black coffee (strictly limited to my dad and sister) creamer was as prevalent in my mother’s home as the coffee itself.

I miss having coffee with mom and all that it entailed.  A time to chat, shop or merely enjoy the seasons of life.  Now in honor of her birthday month I use a coffee cup with the initial of her first name.  To remind me of the memories I held while having coffee with my mom.

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  • Janet from FL

    It’s the simple pleasures we remember. I am so glad you took the time to sit over coffee and talk and laugh with your mom! Simple yes, but now you have beautiful memories!

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