Making My New Journal My Own

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I’ve never been one to plan my journals around the seasons.  Whenever I complete a journal I merely grab a new one from what I have in stock.  I always have a stash of notebooks or blank books on hand.  Whether it’s from a department store, the clearance section of a bookstore or merely taking advantage of a back to school sale.  There’s always at least one or two readily available.  Just in case…  If I decide to buy a new one, I’ll select a design that coincides with my mood.  And since I’ve completed my previous journal in the midst of summer I couldn’t resist buying a new one with a wonderful summer vibe.    The cover reminds me of my new adventure in blogging and I’m very excited about it.  Taking it to the next level after a brief hiatus a few years back.  The bicycle adds a nice bohemian feel and communicates the freedom that summer brings.

Each journal that I possess will contain a brief portion of my life.  My story will be written on the pages within and as I look back a few years from now it will transcend me to a place where I probably once struggled to comprehend what I was feeling.  Writing words on pages bring clarity to wounded emotions, internal struggles, and spiritual battles.  Taking the time to gather my thoughts onto the wonderful blank pages that await me is a journey of itself.  I try not to allow that blank page to intimidate me.  I see it as an invitation and means to move beyond my current state in life.

I always take the time to make each new journal that I buy my own.  The basics such as having my name placed on the inside front cover.  I hope never to lose it or leave it behind in a café, but if I do the recipient will know how to contact me.  I also use the back page as a reading list.  Notating the book title, author, and the date I finished my reading.  It’s a routine I developed years ago and enjoy reviewing my old reading habits.  Over time it will contain a picture or collage.  Maybe even an article or two.  Take the time to personalize your journal.  Make it more inviting to write in and don’t forget there are no rules to writing in YOUR journal.

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