Make Your Time Alone More Meaningful

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Read a book, watch a movie, or have a spa day.  These are a few of the things any woman would describe as ideal if they had the time and means to do so.  I’m no exception.  Once or twice a year I make it a priority to get a massage at my favorite spa in town.  The patio overlooks the lake, hummingbirds are flying nearby and for a short while, I forget about what’s going on in my life.  It’s part of an annual birthday tradition for me, but if I have the money I’ll throw in an extra one during the year merely as a form of self-care.

Years ago, I made the ultimate move by planning and scheduling my first solo trip.  I’d been longing for a vacation but none of my friends or family had the money to accompany me.  For months I dreamed of going to San Francisco and taking in the sights.  I wanted to see the famed golf course Pebble Beach and drive along Highway 1.  A friend brought to my attention how long I’d been talking about this trip.  It not only got my attention, but I was also a little embarrassed.  Looking back in the pages of my journal I found entry after entry of this trip I wanted to take but wouldn’t.

Right away I took action.  I scheduled a round-trip flight during my two days off and booked a hotel.  I found a reasonably priced bus tour that covered all the areas I wanted to see including highway 1.  As a single woman, I wrote out the safety measures I would need to take since I’d be traveling alone.  After that, I went for it.  I took that step of faith, confronted my fears, and embarked upon my first vacation alone.  I loved every moment of it.

That weekend I learned quite a bit about myself.  I had no idea how much I enjoyed art.  I spent hours in a museum taking in the detail of each piece.  I went shopping and purchased a table for my home.  Having it delivered the following week.  Something I’d never do at any other time in my life.  I also did some things I normally enjoy.  Like finding a bookstore to hang out in.  It had two floors and was blissful.  Of course, I took my journal with me and spent on writing.  I was so proud of myself for finally facing my fears and doing what I wanted for once.

That trip was the beginning of many.  Since then I’ve expanded my horizons by traveling to cities both nearby and far.  Each time learning a little more about myself.  Each time patting myself for doing something for me.  Each time living in the moment and wondering where my next adventure will take me.  What about you?  What is it time for you to do?  Do tell…

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