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Journal Writing to a Resolve

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This morning I awakened at a time much later than usual. It caused quite a bit of distress and worry about my health. I’m not much of a late sleeper.  In fact, I pride myself on waking up early and being productive. However, since leaving my retirement I’ve enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in. Now that I aspire to write and becoming an author, I see the need to arise early as I did during my 9-to-5 days.

As I began to move about my health remained on my mind. After a night of walking with a friend and neighbor, I was in pain. My lower back and feet were hurting enough for me to become alarmed.

With morning coffee in hand, I sat down to write in my journal. I needed to clear my mind and write what was on my heart. Why did I continue the delay the need to improve my health? I constantly procrastinated and used every excuse imaginable in order to not begin.

One Glass of home-brewed iced coffee consumed and a completed journal entry later I had come to a resolution. I needed to have a solution for my slight coffee habit. 😊 Going cold turkey isn’t an option without biting someone’s head off. I decided to drink decaf rather than no caffeine at all. It’s simply an unrealistic expectation for me. I will begin gradually drinking half calf to arrive at my decaffeinated destination. Yes, I’m aware that I have coffee issues…

That solution alone provided the determination I needed to embrace this new healthier way of life. Before having my morning devotional time, I had begun to meal prep. Removing my containers from the cabinets and placing a chicken in the slow cooker for the remainder of the week. I’ll take prepare the vegetables this evening.

The thought of writing early in the morning doesn’t appeal to me often. Mornings are for “coffee and contemplation.” However, this time it was a necessity. I needed to figure out what was going on with me especially since walking had caused so much pain. I’ve also come to realize that I need a new pair of exercise shoes. My current walking shoes were purchased more for the style than practicality.  A task I’ve also completed. 

Overall, it’s been a very productive day and it’s only just begun. Thanks to journal writing, my morning coffee and a made up my mind.

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