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Journal Prompt – When am I the happiest?

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I spent part of my weekend reading the latest issue of Essence magazine.  You know the one with Miss Jackson on the cover😊.  During that time, I read her letter to Essence readers and began to challenge myself.  I wondered “what made me happiest” during this time in my life and the answer surprised me.  As a licensed minister in the past I enjoyed the process of sermon prep.  The research and study from a theological perspective.  I was happy when receiving feedback from fellow parishioners that the sermon was relevant to what was going on in their lives.  It was reassuring that I was on the right track and was encouraged to move forward.

What I didn’t like was the treatment I received within the denomination I was a part of.  So much so I left and am no longer active in ministry.  I won’t allow myself to be mistreated by anyone.  No position or status is worth my self-respect and esteem.  Using the journal prompt “when am I the happiest” I encourage you to find out what makes YOU happy and begin to pursue it.  Leave me a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you.

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