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It’s what I do in the middle of the night

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Since the “middle” of the night is 3am according to Quora I’ll focus on late-night activities.  The only time I’m up at 3am is if god-forbid I have insomnia.

Watch re-runs of Star Trek is what I do late at night.  Which one you may ask?  Any except for the original and Next Generation.  I simply cannot make it through an episode without laughing my head off with those two.  Between the makeup and costumes, I simply cannot take it.  Currently, I’ve moved on to Voyager from DS9.  I didn’t care for either of them when they originally aired on television.  It’s funny how time changes our perspective of things.   I tolerate Enterprise and have yet to watch the Discovery on live-stream. My love of Star Trek is the cause of a sci-fi interest that has never waned.  Personally, I’d prefer a movie with a space ship over a chic-flick any day of the week.  But a girl does have a weakness for that stuff as well.  Enjoy this journal prompt.

Source: A Writer’s book of days

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