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Incorporating Journal Writing into your Devotional Life

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The time-honored tradition of daily Bible reading and prayer cannot be valued enough.  The benefits far outweigh the time spent doing so.  Renewing your mind through scripture while living in a world saturated with sex and violence is of the utmost importance.  Also, having a regular quiet time enables you to make better decisions in life.  From finances to friendships a godly perspective is needed.  If you haven’t established a time for scripture reading and prayer in your life I encourage you to do so.  If you already have let’s discuss a few ways to incorporate journal writing into your routine.

One of the ways you can begin to include journal writing into your daily devotional time is by having a prayer journal.  Regardless if your prayers are in written or list form does not matter.  Having a place to document answered prayer can result in a huge increase of faith.  The movie War Room is an example of the power of prayer in the life of the believer.  However, rather than posting them on a wall or closet door I’m encouraging you to do so within the confines of your journal.  Privacy may be an issue if you are in a dorm room or any other shared space.

Journaling your thoughts of a specific passage is another great way to expand your devo time.  Meditating on God’s word can often require more time than you have during the designated time you’ve allotted.  This is why a journaling practice can be very important to your spiritual life.  Take the time to study and meditate on a passage for an accurate understanding.  And learn the personal application.  How does this scripture apply to my life and what is God saying to me?

Finally, having a journal as part of your devo time can become a great record of your faith journey.  As I began to write journal entries after my quiet time with God, and sometimes prior to if it were warranted, my commitment to the practice itself began to settle.  Journal writing had become part of my life without much effort at all.  The famed evangelist George Muller and author of “the life of trust” documents his journey of faith.  It’s a mind-blowing testament of his daily faith walk while building a home for orphans in England.  It’s a perfect example of how encouraging a journal can be in the life of a believer.  If you haven’t read it then I encourage you to do so.  Do you use a journal as part of your devo time?  Do tell!

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