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In Search of the Right Journaling App

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Finding the right journaling app is the equivalent to finding the right notebook to write in.  It needs to fit your lifestyle.  Is it easy to use or does it have a substantial learning curve?  Can media be added to an entry and if so, is it considered a “premium” feature or part of the free package?  Finding the right app means looking beyond the aesthetics.  It may look good on your device after the initial setup but when you’re standing in line waiting for your coffee can you find your way through it to create an entry.  Also, will you be able to easily retrieve it later?

When I first began my journal writing practice I will confess to being limited to pen and paper.  Even today it’s my primary method of capturing thoughts and emotions.  However, one must change with the times and digital journaling is a great way of transporting me to my journal writing goals.


Several years ago, I tried Penzu when it first became available.  I wanted to document my journey in ministry when I first began.  After a while I lost interest and did not try to find another suitable alternative.  I believe my habit of writing out my thoughts took precedence over typing.  Now being able to dictate what I want to capture into my journal is by far preferable and comprises the best of both worlds.  Penzu is probably now considered the “O.G.” of journal writing applications and yet it serves a purpose to those who desire to use the platform.  All the while maintaining a top-level status for journal writing apps.  


Last year I returned to the popular app after launching my journal writing blog.  I wanted to maintain digital updates of my blogging journey.  I accidently lost access to that journal and was unable to retrieve it on my phone.  However, it was easily accessible from the desktop.  Not exactly convenient.  I tried contacting the help desk and received no response.  Needless to say, I have no journal entries of my path to blogging. 


Today after researching the best journal writing apps, I’ve decided to give Day One (free version) a try.  I like the idea of being able to maintain a digital aspect of journaling, but I’ve given up on maintaining one specific to blogging.  If you are looking for an app as a supplement or primary source of writing read this blog post from Zapier and decide which best fits your style.

This post does NOT contain affiliate links.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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