In Search for the Perfect Pen

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If you’ve been journaling for any length of time like I have then you may have come to realize the dilemma of finding the right pen.  The pursuit of a writing instrument that not only writes well in your journal of choice but also fits well in your hand.  I’ve written with multi-colored gel ink, classic blue and now black.  During that time, I’ve experienced the frustration of the ink flow running out mid-sentence.  There’s nothing worse than running out of ink while in the middle of a thought.

Purchasing pens that cost a little more money have produced better results but didn’t eliminate my quest to find the perfect writing utensil.  Recently I purchased a bold tip gel pen with black ink from a popular stationery store here in town.  It came highly recommended by the staff and has good reviews on Amazon.  And yet when I began journaling with it I noted the ink was too heavy for my taste.  I placed it in my planner believing it would have better use only to find the ink seeping through the cardstock paper.

I had hoped this new purchase would replace the style of ink pen I’ve used for the past year and a half, but no such luck.  Both were manufactured by the same company and I’ve had good results.  The ultra-micro tip I currently use is reliable and maintains a solid flow of ink during any writing session.  Do I dare try a medium tip from the same brand in hopes that it will solve my problem?  Or do I spend more money in the ultimate pursuit of finding the right pen for journaling?

Thankfully the staff at wirecutter has done the work for me.  I’m not the only one with this dilemma and they even recommend the same brand I use but from a different product line.  Something I wasn’t aware of until reading their review.   Let’s see if this solves my problem.

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