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How to overcome avoidance of writing in your journal

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Yesterday’s journal prompt addressed the need for healing in our lives.  However, writing on such an emotional level often requires us to confront pain that has not been dealt with.  It is the subject matter of pain that causes us to avoid writing in our journals altogether.  Instagram captures our attention over a cup of coffee rather than using the time to meditate or have our devotional time.  How do we gather the courage to sit down and write something that has caused us so much pain?  Here are three things to try the next time you find yourself avoiding your journal writing time:

  1. Just Write. Begin writing the very first thing that comes to mind and don’t stop.
  2. Ignore Grammar. Don’t allow concerns over punctuation and spelling to cause you to lose the thought process you’ve developed.
  3. Breathe. Did you even realize you were holding your breath in as you were writing?

Recently I found myself avoiding the completion of a journal entry that I really needed to write. I thought of it the previous night and yet couldn’t bring myself to do it.  After my morning quiet time and a cup of coffee I conceded and began writing only to find myself on Instagram scrolling through my feed.  From there it was laundry and meal planning for the day.  Anything to not write that dreaded entry.  Only then did I realize how painful it was to address the subject matter at hand.  But why was it so painful?  It was a question that needed to be answered.

Sitting down once again at my desk I put pen to paper and wrote the very first thing that came to mind regardless…  I didn’t care if it made sense or not.  No one else was going to read it except for me.  I didn’t care if it was structured properly or if the commas were out of place.  Do you know what happened?  I found my answer.  Pain that was lying just beneath the surface and needed to be acknowledged.  The emotional toll and turmoil this pain has caused in my life needed to be addressed and what safer place than in the private confines of my journal pages.  What issues are you avoiding?  Grab yourself a cup of coffee, a box of tissue (if needed) and start writing.  Give yourself the gift of healing by taking that first step.  Write it in your journal and don’t stop.

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