Going Through the Motions…

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As I walked into my workspace, I looked around my desk and saw different items I’d left from the previous night.  My Big Happy Planner I use for blogging was filled with a week of postings for both social media and the blog itself.    The classic happy planner I use for my 2019 goals lay open as well.  Complete with the top three priorities I set for my self each day in order to feel productive.  I glanced at the list from yesterday and realized I hadn’t accomplished any of them.  Nor had I planned to do so when I walked into my office.  I walked in for some devotional time with coffee in hand.  Yet as I stood there, I saw one incomplete project and another starting.  “Am I completing each task I set for myself or am I moving on to something else” I wondered? 

It was truth time.  Why would I buy this cute planner that was completely decorated prior to filling in anything if I weren’t going to use it to in order to reach my goals?  I’m not one to merely go through the motions just for the sake of doing so.  I need to know that I’ve accomplished something whether it’s laundry or writing a blog post. 

As I stood there (and yes all of this took place prior to sitting down) I asked God for wisdom.  James 1:5 tells us “if any of you lack wisdom you should ask God.”  On the left side of my classic weekly planner is a space entitled “goals this week.”  Mine was completely untouched.  Priorities established for each day yet no goal to obtain for the week. If you like me are determined to have the best year possible in 2019 then it’s truth time.  Don’t move on to the next task because of a belief that it will be easier to accomplish.  Yearly goals are broken down into months from there into weeks and days.  Take the time to reevaluate and review what goals you’ve set for yourself and be sure to follow through.  Even if it’s challenging it will be worth the effort in the end.  Til next time…

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