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Getting Started in Journal Writing

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Journaling is one of the most cost-effective forms of writing you can have.  There’s no need for fancy notebooks, stencils, ink pens or pencils right now.  You’ll have plenty of time for that later.  Simply grab an empty notebook a cup of coffee or tea and start writing.  Yes, if you continue this journey, and it’s my hope that you will, taking full advantage of discounted blank notebooks will become the norm.   I have my eye on one at Anthropologie right now, but it’s not a necessity to getting started.  My very first journal was a blank book I found on clearance for two dollars.  The rest is history.

I mention notebooks because it’s my preferred method of writing.  However, there are several digital platforms to choose from if you are so inclined.  In the past I tried Penzu and really enjoyed it.  The lay-out was great and easy to use.  I utilized it as a separate book with a different subject matter.   But I found that I was becoming less consistent with my entries and eventually discontinued it’s use because of those reasons.  Since my only experience with digital journals is Penzu I’ll refrain from giving any advice.  However, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.  Which journal writing app do you use and why?

When choosing a notebook, you want to ensure that it will easily lay flat on whatever surface you’re writing.  There’s nothing worse than constantly having to push the sides of the notebook down while in the middle of a thought.  If you’re in a store see how it will lay on a flat surface before you buy it.  If the left side is constantly coming back up know that this is something you will have to contend with while you are writing.  I suggest you move on to something more functional.

Believe it or not your choice of ink pens is just as vital as the notebook you choose to write in.  I went through a phase of experimenting with different colored gel pens a few years back and it became quite frustrating.  I would be in the midst of writing down a great thought and the ink would run out.  I lost focus countless times while shaking this pen in order for the ink to flow correctly.  God forbid I had two different colors of ink on my partially filled page.  Make sure that the pen you choose is of good quality (not expensive) and reliable.

These are the basic tools of the trade and will take you far in life if you are so inclined.  Tools that will travel with you everywhere.   Carrying not only your thoughts, but adventures as well.  It’s a journey worth starting in whatever platform you’ve decided.  Which brings to mind the question.  What is your preferred method of journal writing and why?  Do tell…

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