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Women of faith have the same challenges as everyone else. Getting healthy is only one such example. Recently, I found myself facing the dilemma of learning to prepare healthier meals for myself. A birthday one year shy of a milestone will do that to you.

The reality of getting older and seeing others endure health-related surgeries and other life-altering ailments are enough to get a girl moving. “I’m not going out like that” is usually how I motivate myself. That and a cute pair of heels at the top of my closet that I haven’t worn since the day I purchased them. Yes, they made the move…

For me, getting healthy means honoring my rich African American heritage and a family legacy of women who could cook for an entire family at the drop of a dime. Thankfully, I only have myself to worry about at the moment.

For my mother and grandmother, this included a legacy filled with unhealthy deep-fried foods. This led to diet-related illnesses that were never recovered from.

My challenge is in finding healthier alternatives while honoring the women that have gone on before me. My high blood pressure cannot handle anything less.  Years of grief had taken its toll, but thankfully I’m fine now and quite happy.

I’ve begun walking in the evenings and find it very enjoyable. It’s a wonderful way to end a day filled with writing and other wonderful adventures that the Lord has blessed me to live out.

I would love to know how you eat healthier while honoring your heritage simultaneously. Drop me a line in the comments below. Till next time…

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