First Draft Completed #100dayslesshustle

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I’m often amazed at the outcome of something I’ve strived to accomplished and how it comes into fruition once it’s done God’s way.  Today I completed the first draft of my nonfiction book.  I’m very thankful for God’s direction.  He Led me on a path I may not have otherwise traveled.

I had been telling people for quite some time that I wanted to write a book and while it was true my efforts produced very little.  After a conversation with someone who recalled my telling her this years ago, I realized that it was time for action.  Journal writing is one thing, however, writing a book is quite another.  I’d become complacent with writing in my journals and the thought seemed overwhelming to take on such a task as writing a book.  Even though it’s been my heart’s desire for a very long time.

There are levels to pursuing a passion.  For example, I enjoy writing but stopped short of becoming a full-fledged writer.  One who aspires to become a published author who can minister to the people of God on a much broader platform than originally considered. 

That pursuit has required a different mindset along with a willingness to move beyond my comfort zone.  A move I’m glad to have made after having found my tribe of like-minded individuals online.  Their examples and support have made all the difference.  To my surprise not all of them aspire to become Christian writers and authors.  Something I never would have considered in years past.

Now, after accomplishing this small yet meaningful feat I’m ready to move forward.  Ready to toss this first draft (along with the outline) and complete this book in its final form.  My prayer is that the Lord continues to guide me and that he alone be glorified in my efforts.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21 NIV

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