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One of the ways I’ve benefited from journaling is discovering a writing ability I didn’t know I had.  I’ve always been an avid reader and lover of books.  However, the writing was not an ambition I held.  That is not until I began journaling.  Repeatedly friends, family and co-workers would see me writing in my journal and ask, “when is the book coming?”  For a while, I’d laugh it off not really seeing the connection.  I mean after all my writing was a source of self-discovery and not authorship.

This self-discovery is what lead me to the desire of authorship.  Wanting to write something of value as Maya Angelou had done with her autobiographical series.  Creating a level of transparency with her life that was sorely needed.  I began to see that my life had value and my experiences held lessons and meaning.  Lessons that others could benefit from.

One of the ways I’ve motivated myself to complete my first project is by purchasing writing material that encourages me to finish.  Material that includes motivational sayings such as “just keep writing” and “future bestselling author.”  On Instagram, I found someone to help me move toward completion.  The Write of Way has found a way to encourage writers by incorporating these quotes into beautifully spiral bound notebooks.  I ordered two last month and each one is filled with lined pages.  The smaller notebook even has pockets in the back for storing those ideas you’ve probably scribbled onto a napkin or post-it.

Ordering items such as these aren’t enough for me to complete my first book.  That motivation must come from within.  But seeing the reminder daily is enough for me to move forward.  To that place of completion.


This is not a sponsored post, however, the brand’s name has been used with permission.

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