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Day One Entry: Feb 25, 2019

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It’s transition time. Especially where my blog and social media platforms are concerned. I found myself over the weekend completely exhausted at the thought of creating pins and content for the upcoming week. My normal routine is to create a week’s worth of content in one batch and post it on Sundays on Pinterest. I do it throughout the day for Instagram.
Doing this has enabled me to learn a routine in order to become familiar with what works and doesn’t work in regards to establishing a following on Instagram. Now that I am writing consistently I have found a tribe of Christian writers and will begin participating and posting daily content along with their #AuthorsChallenge2019.

As for now I need to up my game. What I mean by that is I no longer want to post content for the sake of content. It needs to be more relevant, have more meaning and allow me to begin submitting articles online in order to create a portfolio. My original reason for doing all of this was & is to establish an audience for my writing and that’s the direction I’m headed in. So I guess what I’m saying is it’s time for the next level and I pray for direction.

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