Day 29 of #100daysoflesshustle

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There are times when we remain in our comfort zones because of fear.  A dread of not being good enough or fearing failure.  Oddly enough there are some who fear succeeding in life.  The thought of being ostracized by those close to them and accused of being “too good for us now.”

I often wonder how successful people handle their inner circle once they’ve obtained a certain level of success.  People like Eric Thomas or Oprah Winfrey.  Those who did not allow fear to stop them.  For me, it was leaving a job I no longer loved.  The safety of a 9 to 5 wasn’t enough to hold me any longer.

It’s one of the blessings or benefits of getting older.  After a while you really stop caring about what others think of you or your life.  I’ve come to understand just how fleeting it is and that “time waits for no man.” 

Maybe, for you, it’s not as intense as a career path, but a fear of embracing your personal style.  Back in the day I resonated with Lisa Bonet when hers was a household name.  I even wore my hair like hers for a long time and fully embraced the look.  What I didn’t embrace was the bohemian vibe that far exceeds a summer music festival.  It didn’t go well with my good church girl image especially since I was already pushing the envelope with my hair choice. 

Fear comes in many forms.  Public speaking, shame, an inability to trust and the list goes on.  Not being good enough to do what God has called you to do is a struggle among many.  As today’s devotional states “…perfect love casts out fear” I John 4:18.   Have you been liberated by the love of Christ?  It’s yours for the asking.

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