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The beauty of a spiritual gift is being reliant upon Christ for it to be lived out.  I am by nature a shy and introverted person.  By walking into a room, I am more likely to become uncomfortable unless I know someone who is already there. 

And yet despite these things God has called me to minister to others.  John 15:5c became my go to verse each time I had to preach a sermon or teach a class.  It says “…for without me you can do nothing.” I was and am currently utterly aware of my reliance upon him. 

Now my writing ministry has the potential to reach people on a much broader scale.  This is true in readership and in connecting with others who long to glorify Christ with their gifts.  This level of ministry requires a shift in my willingness to embrace change by introducing myself to people online and in person.

For me, this requires consistent time in Bible reading and prayer.  Journal writing has been part of my journey for most of my Christian walk.  In it, I can write out any worries, fears or anxieties that I may have prior to reaching out to someone.  It also helps in my writing process.  Personally, I’d rather have any negative emotions appear on the pages of my journal than my current writing project.

Being part of a community has helped nurture belief in myself and ability as a writer.  I encourage you to find your tribe and get involved.  If you’re shy like I am writing it out and take a leap of faith.  You’ll be glad you did!

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