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Day 20 of #100daysoflesshustle

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Yesterday I watched a live broadcast on Eric Thomas’s YouTube channel.  It was presented by Forbes and he spoke on the topic “healing from trauma.”  I’ve become angry at life after enduring much over the last several years and desire to move forward.

I awakened this morning with ET’s motivational message on my heart.  I began asking myself a series of questions such as what happened to my morning routine of the five daily habits?  My desire to write a book placed everything else to the side.  I must learn to live a more balanced and productive life which will enable me to reach my goals.  All the planners in the world have not helped me to achieve this.

I also reviewed my five and one-year goals over a cup of coffee.  “What happened to my desire to excel” I wondered?  A question which inspired a journey entry no less.  The answer manifested within a few lines.  A need to belong caused my attention to lie elsewhere.  So much so that I became unproductive for a moment.

Now I meditate on the question “how does one live life to the fullest while an unfulfilled dream remains?”  Moving forward “in spite of” is one such way and while it certainly won’t be easy, there is a necessity.  The other is maintaining a consistent prayer life.  Like the woman with the unjust judge, constantly bringing my dream before God will eventually bring forth a solution.  This along with the development a much-needed character trait.  Persistence… 

As for now, I’m trying to buy a new home while simultaneously write the next draft of my book.  I’m not doing a very good job of balancing the two.  However, I am determined to bring it each to fruition.

Until I’ll continue to seek the Lord for answers, documenting my spiritual life in the pages of my journal while not losing sight of the goodness of God in my life.

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