Day 17 of #100daysoflesshustle

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Walking by faith is often a challenge.  When God impressed it upon my heart that it was “time to leave” the neighborhood I where I currently am my first thought was whether I could afford a house in a different area or not.

I’m sure that I am not the only woman (or man) who in the words of my mother has “champagne taste and Kool-Aid money.”  I’d always aspired to live a better life and don’t mind the hard work it takes to achieve it.  However, I never factored in the level of faith it would require. 

I’m not a “name it and claim it” kind of girl.  I believe in pre-approval and living within my means.  Also, paying off debts that I’ve accumulated and saving for a better life.  That’s why when God shook my comfortable life I was taken aback. 

This challenge of home buying nearly twenty years after my first solo journey has enlightened me to new possibilities.  I’m capable of so much more than I realized.  For example, freelance writing.  I was intimidated at the thought of such aspirations previously.  However, now I’m encouraged to move forward. 

I have also taken the simplicity of “100 days…” and incorporated my desire to not only refresh my daily devotions but also began to dig deeper once again in the process.  Something that was sorely lacking in my life as of late.

Now for the mind-blowing aspect of it all.  The home that I’m attempting to buy is in the same development and model my mother and I viewed years ago prior to her death.  I didn’t set out to buy it.  In fact, I had to google the development to see if any properties were available and it wasn’t due to sentimentality.  I merely wanted a feature from that model.  Imagine my surprise when I realized my dream home was for sale and now within my price range.  I’m very excited and #grateful.

May God bless you.  Til next time…

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