Day 14 of #100daysoflesshustle

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There are moments in my time with God when I am at a loss for words.  This is one such time.  Having utilized the NASB and Message Bible during my devotions has opened my eyes in such a wonderous way.  I’m in awe of how expansive the word of God can be.

The simplicity of #100days brings a newness to my time with the Lord.  I am forever grateful.  As I type these words I am reminded of a time in my walk with God when I wasn’t nearly as committed to daily bible reading as I am now. 

I’ll admit to not having the nuances of the day.  Items such as bible apps equipped with reading plans from famous men and women of faith is one such example.  While these resources are nice to have please don’t allow yourself to become complacent in seeking God.  The convenience of having such devices at your fingertips means you are missing out on the depth and beauty of the word of God.

If you are a believer in Christ and find yourself having no desire to read the bible, please pray this simple prayer.  “Father, please give me a desire to read your word.”  Amen.

I guarantee He will answer.

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