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Close your eyes. Write about what you see

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When I close my eyes, I see the life I aspire to live.  One filled with joy and challenges.  Opportunities which include a path to authorship, ministering full time and yes finding love.

My dreams of becoming an author began when I first began keeping a journal nearly twenty-five years ago.  Within those pages I would describe how I aspired to be transparent like Maya Angelou in her writings. Through each autobiography she revealed past mistakes and gracefully communicated the lessons learned.  Doing so during a time many would consider it disgraceful to reveal such matters as sexual abuse within the family and the ensuing psychological impact on a young child’s life.  

My heart’s desire is to write books that will minister to the reader on a deeper level.  Not merely from a theological perspective but from life’s experiences.  Using it as a resource long after the book has been completed.  Having a global impact is a part of that dream when I close my eyes.  People are hurting all over the world.  Many whom go unacknowledged.  If my writing can bring salve to the inner turmoil of a life, well to God be the glory.  Part of that dream would be to incorporate speaking engagements also.  I would love to meet with the readers and hopefully minister to them.

I would love to do this full time by becoming a freelance writer.  A process I am currently working towards.  Submitting articles for publication while working on my next book is an ideal life for me.  All I need is a seaside location to write from.  Fulltime blogging is a part of this as well.  I enjoy the process of learning a new craft and the challenges that accompany it.  Having said that I am open to whichever path the Lord leads me.

Finally, as I close my eyes, I hope to see love.  A godly courtship in order to explore the possibility of a new life together.  The journey of getting to know one another over time is something I look forward to.  One that would prayerfully lead to an engagement and marriage.

My dreams are no different than anyone else.  A longing for a meaningful contribution in life and someone to share it with.  My only desire is to do it now.  Time waits for no man or woman.  Get writing!

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