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7 Steps to creating a journal for your future husband

Wedding season is among us and beautiful brides to be are counting the days until their marriage takes place.  If you are a woman of faith more than likely you have participated in premarital counseling, received advice from family/friends and received a list of suggested books to read.  These items along with regular wedding planning may take the joy out of your big day.  Try distracting yourself from everyday tasks…

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Journal Writing

Memories of Coffee with Mom

I attribute my coffee habit to my parents.  Growing up I can remember dad drinking instant coffee each morning before driving to the Air Force Base.  I’m sure it’s the reason I became a coffee snob.  For me, Sanka was not an option!  With mom, however, it became a way of life. My mother was quite the social butterfly (I take after my father).  She could easily strike up a…