Journal Prompt

“A Year after your death…”

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What better time than the beginning of a new year to confront one’s own mortality.  A time of establishing goals, confronting fears and vision casting.  Coffee tables are filled with old magazines in order to create vision boards.  A daily reminder of what we want to accomplish in the year 2019.  The reminder of death shakes us back into reality.  Our time is limited here on earth and there may be an assignment to fill.  Who were you born to reach?  Is there a young person that you can mentor?  Are there dreams in your life that have gone unfulfilled?  Why not begin today and even if you fail at least you gave it some effort. 

Using this journal prompt start at the END of your life working your way backwards and towards the goals you want to achieve.  Do they align themselves with how you want to be remembered in life?  The time is now so get started…

Source: A Writer’s book of days

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