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7 Steps to creating a journal for your future husband

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With valentine’s day quickly approaching I wanted to provide single women with a ray of sunshine.  For years I was the valentine’s day version of the grinch.   Becoming grumpy and isolating myself until the 15th of February.  At least I could buy the candy for half off.  Eventually I came to understand that this is not the way I wanted to live life.  I chose to be happily content regardless of my marital status. 

One of the ways I’ve embraced my romantic side is by writing a journal to my future husband.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Aside from my daily journal I’ve also begun a journal specifically for the man I will marry.  It’s a wonderful outlet during certain times the of year when you’re feeling alone or left out.  Here are 7 easy steps to getting started:

  1. Hope for the Future – Write to him telling of your hopes and dreams for the future.  Do you want children?  If so, how many?  Do you have dreams of the two of you traveling or starting a business?  Allow your mind to wander and don’t hold back.
  2. Goals – Do you have goals for your life?  Write them in the journal for your husband and when you accomplish them write him an update with the date. 
  3. Poems – If you’re so inclined write him a love poem of your own or from your favorite poet.
  4. Love songs – Is there a song that reminds you of your future life with him?  Write down the lyrics and on a separate page tell him why the song causes you to think of him. Try Etta James for example.
  5. Prayer – All of this would be to no avail if you were not praying for your marriage now BEFORE becoming a wife.  As you pray for godly character in your mate write it down.  It will give him cause for reflection once the two of you become man and wife.
  6. Love Letter – Set aside a section of your journal for impromptu letters telling him how you can’t wait to meet him and for your courtship to begin. 
  7. Pictures – Utilize clippings from a magazine of an ideal vacation spot or a cute couple that makes you dream of him. 

Allow your creative side to flourish as you begin this journey.  Decorate the pages with masculine colors.   It is for him after all.  Remember this journal is for the man you will one day marry and not for a boyfriend.  Prayerfully keep this to yourself until the appointed time.   God bless you…

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