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3 Ways to Start Journaling

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Everyone has a busy life.  These days it goes without saying.  So, with such a busy schedule how is it possible to add a journal writing practice to your day?  I’d like to give you three ways to incorporate journal writing into your life.

  • Plan for it – add it to your daily meditation or devotional time. It not only saves time but also brings new life to your current routine.  Consider writing about the challenges of being still in both mind and body.  Or if scripture reading is a part of your devotional time jot down what you’ve learned and how to apply it to your life.  If you’re a planner how fun would it be to create a few spots in your weekly calendar as a reminder.  Are there any journaling stickers available?
  • Make it part of your morning coffee routine – or hot tea, green smoothie, hot lemon water, etc. Whatever your morning beverage preference try adding journal writing.  A few moments at a time can make all the difference to your journal writing practice finally becoming a reality.
  • Carry your journal with you everywhere – in my early years of journal writing I carried my journal with me all the time. Sometimes in a cute leather backpack and other days in a fashionable handbag.  All in an effort to capture the moment on paper.  These days I’m less apt to do so and oftentimes I regret not having it on hand.

Starting a journal writing practice does not have to be a tedious task.  It isn’t necessary to do daily or even weekly for that matter.  But if you’ve thought about adding it to your life I guarantee it will be worth whatever time you extend to it.

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